Index Trading

Posted on April 13th, 2010 by navstock

Aussie 200 Cash 10 Min Chart

This is an example of a 10 min Aussie 200 (Derivative of the SPI) Index. The first trade is a standard setup for a short. The next entry is a continuation of the trend. The third is a drift long and the forth is another standard short entry.


SP500 Daily and Weekly

This is an interesting trade full of little tricks. Initially we had a setup for the short but the weekly was not quite over its mid so best to hold off. Chart moves back on us so we have to decide if this is a pull back or not. Chart does not close in the outer channel and we do not make any new highs so must be going sideways. Four bars after the arrow we see the chart making a new high after the close over the mid. This should be viewed with caution since this is the second attempt at a move up. We can also see that the momentum of the trend is starting to break down. We shall wait till there is a clear close in the outer channel (either way) before we would take any interest. It took a while to see what was going to happen but there would have been many good intra day chances given the volatility of the bars.

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