Posted on May 11th, 2010 by navstock


What we hope to have shown is that the tools and methodology can be applied to a wide range of markets and time frames. It is very versatile and reliable in what it shows you. It is very good at picking swing points and gives a trader a better understanding of what they are looking at. It also allows the user to analyze the fractalness of markets and to use that to take advantage of trading opportunities. The NavStock methodology is a unique way of looking at markets.


1. Why is this methodology and tools different to any other tool or strategy?

The NavStock methodology and tools is different in that there are no parameters to adjust even when you change time frames. The setups stay the same for different instruments and time frames. From our own research we have not found a comparable tool or methodology that fits that requirement.

2. Is this just a better mouse trap?

No. Since there is a high degree of flexibility with the strategy then we can catch much more than just mice!

3. Why do you want to license it?

We are just two Engineers who have researched and spent considerable time designing and testing the system. Our heart is not really in trading but developing new ideas. Though we do use this system ourselves, we feel it could be better used by others. We have other ideas and would like to pursue.

4. Why are there no test results?

We have not published test results because they only have meaning when two individuals have the same objective. Our objectives are very short term and may not be applicable to others. From our experience, after we enter a trade there is a > 80% chance that the trade will turn positive. How far positive we never know but then that becomes a function of exists. This has been covered in the Entry/Exist explanation.

5. Can you supply overlays on requested charts?

Within reason yes. It maybe helpful to the observer to compare what they are doing now with what the NavStock methodology can provide. We will not guarantee we can supply one but we will try.

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